5PNews.com (this website) and a weekly email newsletter was a joint venture between WisconsinDevelopment.com and GBIG. This project ended on July 1, 2021.

WisconsinDevelopment.com continues to produce a newsletter for the paper industry and has partnered with a new organization. The new website is:

WIPaperNews.com or WisconsinPaperNews.com

 Wisconsin Paper News is a weekly newsletter and website featuring positive stories from Wisconsin`s Paper and Forest industry and related businesses. Our goal is to remind the decision makers in Wisconsin of the importance of our industry both historically and more importantly into the future.

Wisconsin Paper News will be sent to 3,000 Elected Officials and staff, Press Outlets, and Industry leaders each week. It is free to subscribe.

We no longer send to the former GBIG list but have tried to include leaders in the paper industry and related businesses so some overlap is inevitable. All of our emails were secured from sources independent of GBIG. Please feel free to unsubscribe at the bottom of every weekly email.

WisconsinDevelopment did not receive any revenue for "Sponsors" of 5PNews, and that is why they are not included in the new product, please contact GBIG regarding this. Unfortunately the failure to fairly share sponsor revenues with WisconsinDevelopment was the sole cause of the disillusionment of the 5PNews product.

Our understanding is that GBIG has also continued to provide news in a new format on their website here.

WisconsinDevelopment owns the domain name 5PNews.com, the hosting for this domain and the database archive of the stories in the publication from third party sources. These stories can be searched for historical value at the new website and will be maintained by WisconsinDevelopment. We see a value to both the paper industry and to policy and decision makers for maintaining this data.

An example of the value is seen in this search result for Verso a company with pulp mills for sale in Wisconsin:


Again our apologies for any confusion and please note we remain committed to the Wisconsin Paper industry!