New North Summit in-person event scheduled for June 10 at Lambeau Field

Three Spring virtual events will serve as lead-up to traditional large, in-person gathering

The upcoming New North Summit now will be held over four dates, starting with three virtual events and networking before wrapping up with the traditional large, in-person gathering, scheduled for June 10 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. It will continue to follow the theme of, ‘Playbook for Recovery – the Rules of the Game Have Changed,’ with regional business leaders describing their year’s activities relating to “Offense,” “Defense” and “Special Teams.”

“We know our annual summit is an event that our stakeholders look forward to for enriched networking and regional updates,” says Barb LaMue, president and CEO of New North Inc. “While we are thankful for the progress that is being made to beat COVID-19, holding a large gathering on the previous date of March 11 is not possible. We instead have reshaped the event into a series of virtual events, culminating with the in-person event people have come to know.”


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