Consumer-Centric Packaging Innovation
Is packaging the product? Consumers drive package and product innovation with their decision making and trends. Recently the Contract Packaging Association discussed this intersection between innovation and consumer.

Back in 1997, I joined the Kellogg Company, and I was really fortunate to have an opportunity to lead an innovation initiative, starting with linking with the best-of-the-best globally, in terms of consumer insight specifically for packaging. And I worked with a son-in-law of this gentleman, Louis Cheskin, and unfortunately never got to know him. He passed away in the early `80s. But I subsequently read all of his books - and he wrote a number of books. He was just an incredible leader and coined the term “sensation transference,” which is really about looking at a product or a package and forming judgments around the qualities of what`s inside it, of how it`s going to perform, how it`s going to work. And even in the case of packaging, how it`s going to taste...

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